Designer dog clothes

For those dog owners who have small dog breeds such as Chihuahuas, the world of dog clothing offers a range of possibilities of fashion. Dressing your dog has never been more in vogue than at present.



Different types of dog clothes

You can not find the right clothes for dogs? It's time to get rid of the routine process of buying, which can be tedious and time consuming.


Choosing pet clothes for different seasons

Favorite clothes for your pet depends on the environment. If you live in a cold region your pet may be exposed to a cold climate for a long period and, therefore, you should choose thick clothes for your pet.



Winter dog clothing

Trendy clothes dogs in the winter is just a few clicks of the mouse when the online store for fashion, you and your dog can appreciate. People are not the only one who can show off the latest trends in fashion, and if your dog likes clothes.


Themed dog clothing

Dog clothing in many different themes, from holidays to sports and even formal wear. For sports fans, as you know, proudly display their favorite team in their clothing, accessories and bumper stickers.


Dog clothing for Christmas

Dog clothing is functional holiday gift that will last longer than toys that tend to get chewed and discarded, like your dog, or destroys them or get bored with them.


All Designer Pet Products

May has been designated Pet Cancer Awareness Month. As cancer kills more pets than any other disease, we wanted to participate by spreading the word and pointing you in the right direction to learn more about it, and also offer you a great deal.

The Blue Buffalo Foundation for Cancer Research has a great fact sheet with links to further reading.

Get proactive and start protecting your pet today! Small things like changing what food and treats you feed your pet, can make a huge difference in your pet's quality of life and his/her lifespan.

Our special deal to you for the whole month is that we pledge to donate 10% of the profits made on items purchased from our website, to the animal charity or organization of your choice.

Now you can put your money where your heart is, and still get all your favorite products!

Outdoor Enclosures
These Outdoor Cat Enclosures are totally customizable. Additional pieces allow you to add on, creating unique pieces to accommodate your cat. Adaptable to conform to your yard, or home, they also provide more space for your cat to roam freely.

Love to Travel?

The Hungry Pet Travel Feeder consists of a food and water bowl with seal-tight lids and comes with a folding carrying handle. Easy to use, it is a great product for people who love to travel with their pets.


Your cat will love the feeling of scratching on and sleeping in our football scratcher. From now on, Kitty will make every day "game day"!